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Presentation | Vektra Trading e Consultoria
We can be a bridge for imports and exports business in our country!

We have been working for more than 22 years on International Operations, including imports, exports, exchange, insurance, transportation, custom clearance, purchase logistic, sales and international distribution, storage, package, marketing, external audit, consultancy and international negotiation.

We consider all of our customers special, not making any distinction concerning to the size of the Company or number of processes a month. We believe in the potential of development of each one of them and we work in partnership in order to optimize them.

Joinville/SC is our headquarter for being strategically located between the harbors of Paranaguá/PR, São Francisco do Sul/SC, Itajaí/SC and Imbituba/SC and the airports of Curitiba/PR, Navegantes/SC and Florianópolis/SC. We also work at the harbors of Belém/PA, Manaus/AM, Santos/SP and Rio Grande/RS, at the airports of Belém/PA, Manaus/AM, Guarulhos/SP and Porto Alegre/RS, at the frontiers of Foz do Iguaçú/PR (Argentine and Paraguay) and Uruguaiana/RS (Uruguay), at the TRA’s of Santos/SP and São Paulo/SP and at the EADI of Itajaí/SC.

We maintain reciprocal covenant with load agents in practically every countries and we have special negotiation with the best Insurance Companies from the South of the Brazil which makes possible to have correct and complete coverage for load with fair costs that are, many times, below the prices practiced by the market.

We are at your disposal to attendance imports and exports process from its beginning, with the negotiation of purchase and sales of goods, so that we avoid problems on delaying discharge or custom clearance and unnecessary costs with penalties and monetary correction.

The best results and our customer’s satisfaction are our aim.

Partnership, competence and seriousness, so we are able to accomplish reciprocally our objectives of growth in the fields of trade, profession and market.

Services in International Trade

Importation of machines, raw material, goods for resale.
Attendance on purchase negotiation of goods, estimation of the whole costs involved in importation, instruction about the Pro-forma Invoice, emission of Imports License, opening of Credit Letter, solicitation of certificates and specific technical award when necessary, instruction on external embarkment, preparation of internal and external documents needed for custom clearance, verification of Insurance on Internal Transportation, custom clearance, emission of Entrance Invoice, solicitation of internal transportation and delivery of goods at the factory or storehouse indicated by the Company.

Special Projects:

Import of used and/or remanufactured goods:

We accomplish all the bureaucratic path at Banco Central, Banco do Brasil - DECEX e CTIC, Finance Ministry, Industries and Commerce Ministry, Industries Federation, CNPQ, ABIMAQ, ABIGRAF, ABRINQ, etc, with the purpose of making practicable the imports or used or remanufactured machines and equipments.

Imports under Drawback system:
We have assembled the project in order to make possible the importation of goods, pieces and components destined to exports. Throughout this system it is possible to get the entrance of stranger goods with the suspension of Federal Duties (Importation and Industrialized Products Duties).

Imports by EADI (Interior Customs Station):
Makes possible taking back duties concerned to aerial or maritime imports only at the date of nationalization and not at the arrival of goods in National Territory. It works like a strategy for quick distribution of big amount of goods, or like an adjustment between the Company’s cash and its needs and goods.

Purchasing and Sales International Contract:
Extremely important for the consolidation of a negotiation that is profitable for the Company, is the well-defined making of a Purchase and Sales Contract. On that contract depends the opening of the Credit Letter, so that all the terms of the negotiation must be clear, supported by laws and International agreements that enable the Company to buy or sell goods in conditions that provide advantages and not providing worries or harms.

Custom Clearance of Imports and Exports:
We are able to offer our services at the airports in Joinville/SC, Curitiba/PR, Navegantes/SC, Belém/PA, Manaus/AM, Guarulhos/SP, Porto Alegre/RS and Florianópolis/SC and at the harbors of São Francisco do Sul/SC, Itajaí/SC, Paranaguá/PR, Belém/PA, Manaus/AM and Imbituba/SC. In every harbor and airport mentioned we work with conventioned offices in partnership system, always with the supervision and/or personal attendance. Besides those cities we can also offer services at the EADI of Itajaí/SC, at the TRA’S of Santos/SP and São Paulo/SP, and at the frontiers of Foz do Iguaçú/PR and Uruguaiana/RS, through underestablishment.

National and International, Aerial, Maritime, Rail and Road Transportation:
Aerial transportation with the possibility of embarkment consolidated during the importation and exportation embarkments with duties traded with every Air Companies that work in Brazil. Maritime transportation with straight embarkment and Operations N.V.O.C.C. (International Maritime Freight Operator), that enable us to consolidate importation and exportation loads from and to practically all parts in the terrestrial globe, always with differentiated duties. For Internal Road Transportation, we contract freights between the factories and the harbors and airports. By experience accumulated in this kind of services we can offer security and fair cost. In International Road Transportation, we put or take out loads operated in Mercosul and in the whole South America, always through Companies that are serious in the field they actuate. Rail Transportation for embarkment and disembarkation between Brazil and Bolivia effected through São Paulo, with delivery guaranteed and insurance included, so that the process is guaranteed.
Security and control of full-time loads are other advantages of working together with our partners for the closing of National and International loads.

Logistic of Transportation, Storage and International Distribution:
Complex Importation and Exportation that requires an Intermodal Transportation when well managed and well contracted can mean agility, quickness, commercial opportunity and even savings. It is a very recent area in our country and it is very few used because of its apparent complexity.
Professionalism and experience are fundamental for this kind of operation to succeed. Storage could make not practicable a great volume of importation (a ship for example) or it could imply in very high costs, mainly for causing delay in disembarkation of goods at harbors, with consequent charge on the delay by the shipowner. As to International Distribution maybe it is interesting for us to analyze the possibility of keeping places for delivered products abroad.

International Marketing:
Marketing must come along with Production Department, Sales and Financial Department. Only like that it will be possible to get good results in the World Market. The integration of Marketing with Commercial Politics in a Company is fundamental to get satisfactory results on its International Operations. If nowadays we give great importance to Marketing in the Regional and National Market, this importance is bigger when it comes to International Market. The attention to each detail in an exportation could mean the sale or it could bring big harms to the Exports Company.
Details as the color of the product, labels and tags with missing information or out of the rules demanded by the local consumer market, materials not allowed by laws of the purchasing country, international certificates missing, etc, have taken Companies to have huge harms, just because of lack of information about the Market.

Participation in National and International Market Fairs:
We have, nowadays, in our country, a big number of Sector Market Fairs and Mixed Participation Fairs with International Focus. Those Fairs have great importance when we take into consideration aspects like contacting producers, suppliers and National and International Competition. International Fairs, sectorial or generic are the best display for showing products. Technology is absorbed, competition level is observed contacts are booked and many times, sales are accomplished. However it is not worthy for the Company to participate in a National or International Fair without being sure of what it is going to offer or apply for, how to offer or apply for, what are the costs, the conditions, what is the deadline, under what exigencies, etc, those are items which we help you to define and which accomplishment we attend during the fair.

Finding International Purchasers and Suppliers:
As of a technical need observed by production area of a company, we make the survey about the supply sources in order to satisfy those needs. Deadlines and costs must be defined in order to not spend unnecessary efforts. As to the search for purchasers, it depends on the politics used by the company and it also depends on the world market conditions.
First, we have to define the products, concerning prices and competition. Than we can formulate a sales strategy.
After that we can choose between direct sales or representatives (with or without exclusiveness, with or without minimum volume, with or without own office) in the markets where it is possible for us to have commercial success.

Structure of Association Processes of the kind Joint Venture:
Companies are each time associating themselves more in world level in order to optimize productive, operational and distributives advantages with specific interests to reach better incomes with bigger commercial penetration.
Globalization is an important point and this irreversible process will reach all productive and commercial sectors all around the countries. It is evident that the ones who are in the lead in this process will get bigger advantages in a not very distant future. There are opportunities in the whole world and Joint Venture brings technological solutions with attractive costs, since the transference of technology happens between partners and the costs are many times subsidiated by the partners’ interests on developing de new business.

The Vektra Trading e Consultoria is affiliated to the following category association:
Associação Industrial Portuense - Porto/Portugal
Bruxelles International Chamber - Bruxelles/Belgium
Hannover Meeting Point - Hannover/Deutscheland
Hong Kong Trade and Development Council - Hong Kong/China
Korea Foreign Trade Association - Seoul/Korea
Korea Trading Post - Seoul/Korea
Lions Club International - Miami/USA
Los Angeles Trade Bureau - Los Angeles/USA
Macau Trade Investment Promotion Institute – Macau
Miami Trade Point - Miami/USA
Singapore Trade Council - Singapore/Singapore

Associação Comercial e Industrial de Itajaí - Itajaí/SC
Associação Comercial e Industrial de Joinville - Joinville/SC
Associação Comercial e Industrial de Londrina - Londrina/PR
Associação Comercial, Industrial a Agrícola de Paranaguá - Paranaguá/PR
Associação dos Exportadores Brasileiros - Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Associação dos Exportadores de São Bento e Rio Negrinho - São Bento do Sul/SC
Associação Joinvillense da Pequena e Média Empresa - Joinville/SC
Bolsa de Negócios e Subcontratação - Joinville/SC
Câmara de Comércio Árabe Brasileira - São Paulo/SP
Clube dos Executivos de Comércio Exterior do Paraná - Curitiba/PR
Lions Club International - Joinville/SC

Special Interests:


Cotton clothes
Tennis shoes (synthetical and leather)
Sport equipments
Heirdresser items
Milk and cheese
Machines for wood
Machines for graphic industry
Eletric-eletronic equipments
Cutlery items
Cars and motorcycles
Glasses (float and tempered)
Dies and varnishes
Food and beverage

Wood furniture
Leather footwear
Frozen fruits and juice
Bettermented wood
Decoration items
Pavemente and glazed tiles
Marble anda granite
Ceramics items
Canned food
Frozem chicken
Cotton and mesh cloth

The products mentioned above are the most frequently dealt by Vektra Trading e Consultoria, however we are interested in practically all kinds of goods that can be trade in the world market, from matches to aircrafts.

We work with the prospection of business in any field of commercial activity, including purchases and sales of technology and know-how.

If do you need any product we are able to localizate it to you in any place of the world.

If do you need to sell your production, we can localizate buyers around the world to your company.

Thanks for your attention,
Best regards.

Havendo qualquer dúvida não hesite em nos consultar, estamos à sua disposição através dos telefones (47) 3434-4734.
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